What is the difference between Cloud backup and Cloud object storage?

Today we are talking about Cloud backup and Cloud object storage. They are both systems to archive and secure business data but there are some differences between the two.

Let’s see together what Cloud backup and Cloud object storage are and what are their specific benefits. In this way, assessing the special needs of your business, you can choose what is the best solution for your company.

Cloud backup


The Cloud backup service allows you to create and program automated backups. It is the ideal solution to keep and manage in a secure and easy way your backups, in the respect of specific disaster recovery policy. Cloud backups can be scheduled according to your specific business needs, by choosing the right frequency. They can be on hourly, daily or weekly basis, or scheduled with personalised timetables. Data are secured in data centers with a protected and exclusive access.

  • Automated: backups are schedulable at any frequency
  • Easy to use: all the operations are easy to mange through a panel
  • Safe: Cloud backup service assure the highest possible standards of security in the data transfer and retention
  • Fast: for the deduplication and compression of data are used the the most advanced backup systems available
  • Cheap: thanks to the use of the latest technology, the Cloud backup enables to reduce costs
  • Multi-platform: Cloud backups are available for Cloud and physical servers, hosted in data centers or in your offices
Business needs

The Cloud backup is the best solution for who needs to archive and secure his business data in separate locations. Schedulable, personalizable and automated, the Cloud backup use a system able to optimize time and space and perform a fast restore of data in case of emerging issues. In addition, the service can immediately adjust to new space needs.

Cloud object storage

The Cloud object storage service is based on IaaS model (Infrastructure as a Service) and allows you to freely create storage spaces to archive and keep your data safe. It provides a totally secure and flexible storage with which you can distribute any type of file to your customers. With Cloud object storage solution data are stored in more copies, on different disks and servers, by ensuring high levels of security and performance. It is a service based on HTTP/FTP and enables to access your data easily from any device. The Cloud object storage is different from the traditional services because it’s an immediate, scalable and cheap data storage system.

  • Flexible: unlimited space, traffic, number of file and requests
  • Reliable: the technology used guarantees the maximum availability
  • Pay-per-use: you can pay only for the resources actually used according to the pay-per-use model
  • Localised: possibility to choose the geographical area to store data
  • Compatible: the service ensures maximum compatibility and portability
  • FTP: opportunity to access your data directly from your personal computer using the FTP
Business needs

The Cloud object storage service is ideal to store non-structured data, as documents, media and automatically generated data (for instance, produced by cameras or sensors). Because of its characteristics, it allows to access to the storage rapidly using a simple browser connection with any device. Besides, with Cloud object storage is possible sharing big files without burdening emails and you can change immediately the storage space available according to your needs.

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