Criticalcase and Polytechnic University of Turin present Webinar: Multicloud IaC on Tencent China, Issues and best practice

22nd of February at 17:00 CET

Recent studies show China as the new digital frontier: an ever-growing market for the sale of products and services by the western world, but also a place in which are emerging new businesses, technologies and consumption models, bound to become popular at international level.

In addition, in China we can find three of the Internet giants: Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent.

China excels in the industry of e-commerce with an incidence of 35% on the global market.Chinese users prefer make purchases by mobile devices and look for services and experiences more than for simple products.

Currently considered the largest market for Western countries, China will be a space of continuous and significant economic growth and technological innovation, and it will have an increasingly strategic role in the digital world and in the development of new business models.

Based on a Use Case for a big player on fashion industry, the webinar will focus on:


1) Cloud environment with global diffusion (China related issues). DEMO (Tencent Cloud)

2) How to structure and launch an IaC terraform project. DEMO

3) How to exploit the multicloud (lamba and S3). DEMO

4) Secure the access: Bastion host. DEMO

5) How could this kind of project evolve by integrating into a DevOps.


Webinar is open to anyone interested in this topic, we kindly invite you to register and book your place!

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