Kubify is an innovative hosting solution, managed through Kubernetes containers. Compared to a traditional solution of virtualization, containers ensure the maximum availability of the service, reaching the highest performance and bringing several benefits to companies.

What is Kubify?

Kubify is a Multidatacenter and Hybrid PaaS (Platform as a Service) hosting solution, which takes advantages of Azure storage availability and of our Data Centers computing power and scalability to ensure the maximum security and reliability. Kubify is a Fully managed “turn-key” service: customers don’t need to worry anymore about the thechnical management of the infrastructure, but they will have at their disposal an all-inclusive platform on which they can develop their applications easily and with the highest performance.

Benefits of Kubify

Our Paas Managed offer is unique because in addition to provide high-availability and scalability thanks to containers, it includes a range of additional services to guarantee the best performances:

  • Free GIT, development and testing environments: our solution includes a GIT environment, as well as the possibility of activate free development and testing environments to check your project. That feature allows to deploy application easily and automatically.
  • Back-up service: Kubify includes a back-up service on a hourly basis to assure customers a complete data protection. Back-up solutions are customizable according to the requirements of each single business.
  • Synthetic Monitoring service: our tool of Synthetic Monitoring has the aim to verify the website’s performances by browsing it with real accounts from different Italian regions. Synthetic Monitoring service generates essential insights to increase web performance and deliver the greatest User Experience to customers.
  • H24 technical support and 99,99% SLA: Kubify ensures the maximum availability of the service even in the presence of traffic peaks, with a SLA of 99,99%. In addition, our team of experts is h24 available to solve possible issues and guarantee the website’s uptime.
  • Log dashboard and security control: to ensure the highest security of the system, we provide a security control service which allows monitoring efficiently your containers. We supply a specific dashboard for archiving and logs consulting purposes.
  • CDN solutions: with Kubify we provide high-level Content Delivery Network solutions, designed in order to be adapted to Internet conditions and optimize the User Experience of customers with unparalleled performance and security. Do you want to increase web performance? CDN is what you need: speed up your website, increase the revenues and expand your business globally.

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