Are you ready for a new business?

Cloud Computing world is constantly growing. Nowadays, most companies use Cloud solutions to manage IT level, by taking advantage of the several benefits of Cloud technology.

Studies about IT trends say that who is still not using Cloud will do it very soon. If your companies is one of those, find out with us the benefits of Criticalcase Partner Program and start to provide Cloud solutions to expand your business and stay up-to-date with the Information Technology market.

partner program

Is your company the one? Here’s the target of our Partner Program.

Criticalcase Partner Program is addressed to firms that want to expand their business by providing Cloud services. The Partner Program is designed to IT/ web companies, including:

– System Integrators
– Web Agencies/ Digital & Media Agencies
– Software Houses
– Hosting Resellers
– Small providers

Why become our Partner?

Today we will see the main reasons why you should provide Cloud services to your clients and especially we will talk about why you should choose us as your Technological Partner. There are so many benefits: here we will give you only a little taste of what is Criticalcase Partner Program. In the next post we will see all the advantages in details, stay tuned!

Here’s some benefits of Partner Program:

  • New Business
    Thanks to the partnership with Criticalcase you will have the chance to offer new cutting-edge services to your customers: Cloud solutions, CDN solutions, Managed services and many more. This way, as well as expand your business and increase revenues, you can extend your offer with innovative solutions, by improving customer loyalty and avoiding that they choose a competitor.
  • White Label
    You could provide Cloud services directly with your brand: we will deal with infrastructure management and technical support, but for your clients the official vendor is you!
  • No cost
    If you decide to become our Partner you will have no access cost, just pay once you started to sale Cloud services.
  • Dedicated pricing
    Partner Program ensures a dedicated pricing and a range of customized discounts. Because of the low prices, you will start to gain immediately!
  • Facilitated payments
    In economic terms partnership conditions are very flexible: we offer to our partners the opportunity to make facilitated payments and use revenue sharing billing model.
  • Free development environments
    Staging, development and testing environments are completely free and included in the Cloud offer.
  • Free DEMO
    As well as to our customers, we give to partners the possibility of trying the Cloud solutions through free trials and demo.
  • H24 technical support
    Don’t forget 24x7x365 technical assistance. Possible technical issues will be immediately taken in charge and solved by our staff of experts.

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