Let’s start with the second chapter about multi CDN solution. Today we will see what are the features of a single CDN compared to a multi CDN solution.

Using a multi CDN and different providers, you can set precise criteria to assure your customers the high availability of your website, getting a greater control over your business. Don’t risk to lose data by choosing one provider or another, because CDNs automatically select the best one to give you the better web performance at anytime. Sometimes, managing a multi CDN can bring you complex issues, and is in these cases that a single CDN is a better solution. Let’s see now which situations are.


When using a single or a multi CDN?

A single CDN is advisable for companies that are strong only in certain geographic zones and not big enough to distribute their contents all over the world o, when you are developing a new audience but you cannot invest in additional CDNs and software. Also, if you have an e-commerce site, instead of a media streaming company or a social platform, a single CDN is enough to get high-level performance. You can use a single CDN to start and then scale without paying large fees.

You should choose a Multi CDN when your website traffic comes from all over the world. If you have a global target, there are few opportunities that a single CDN can support all users accesses and all the traffic peaks. For e.g., a media streaming firm absolutely need a multi CDN strategy. You can choose even different providers to avoid any risk of downtime. In any case, is better make a website performance analysis before you decide what kind of solution is better for your business.

The strategy’s choice depends mainly on the type and volume of contents delivered online. Using a multi CDN is very useful if your intentions are to emerge in new markets, maybe not covered by your current provider. You also have to consider your competitors: CDN is an undeniable tool to increase your website speed and overcome competition. Using more than one CDN is an even better solution.

CDNs are perfect to accelerate delivery of media contents, large software images, streaming video and other contents that request a large bandwidth. Many companies choose different CDN providers to maximize coverage and meet several requirements. The undeniable advantage of multiple providers is to benefit of the highest strength and don’t worry about their possible weak points.

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