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Cloud Company: 16-year experience in Managed services & Cloud Consulting

9:00AM – 6:00PM

Monday to Friday

Via Malta 36/15,

Turin, TO 10141

SALES: +39 011-19836863

Data Center

CriticalCase carefully researched the best market solutions to optimize its infrastructures and its acitivities. This, to offer a strong structure and dynamic solutions to achieve successfully the new technological challanges of the future.

CriticalCase only uses “best-in-class” systems and machines in its Datacenter. It applies present security and data protection standards and rules.

The whole CriticalCase Server Farm has a “fault tolerant” system both concerning net infrastructure and energy and environment systems and it is controlled by its own montioring system which points out the resources use such as disk, cpu, ram and bandwidth. These results allow CriticalCase to protect customers business managing in advance needs and resources peak, so the services won’t be compromised or interrupted in any case and keeping a continous performance guarantee.

CriticalCase has interconnection agreements in the following Neutral Access Point: Torino (TOP-IX), Milano (MIX), Parigi (FRANCE-IX), Lione (LION-IX), Padova (VS-IX), Amsterdam (AMS-IX).

This allow the customers to reach Datacenter with high performance connections and shorter and faster ways with very low latency terms in the 87% of cases.

In order to have a redundant connectivity, a fast recovery and service flexibility, CriticalCase offers services dedicated to the single project and the single agency through a preliminary investigation of the requirements: these solutions can give the best value to the customers business and guarantee high performances, reliability and security for each kind of application.

CriticalCase Infrastructure is a strategic union of Cisco, Sell and Compellent systems and components which creates a wide selection of Cloud Enterprise solutions. VMware Enterprise Plus is used to manage the different structures, offering a complete management of the resources, therefore it is possible to give the customers the chance to pay only for the resources they’re actually using.

Best in Class Technology

We provide the best-in-class Datacenter for our customers. There are 6 available infrastructures certified according to ISO 27001, highly optimized structures for cloud computing with N+1 redundancy, or more, on all levels, fire system, 24/7/365 security, air conditioning and a redundant electrical system with 99.99% SLA.

The physical infrastructure is the main requirement of our offer. We have 6 Datacenter for:

Data Center of Turin - Lancia (Italy)

Data Center of Manno (Switzerland)

Data Center of Milan - Caldera (Italy)

Data Center of Lviv (Ucraina)

Data Center of Gunzenhausen (Germany)

Data Center of Turin - P. Francesca (Italy)

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