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What features of hosting service affect the success of an e-commerce? Performance, security and scalabilty.
E-commerce success depends widely by technical performance of websites: according to statistics, 1 in 2 users expect a page load time under 3 seconds, otherwise the consumer would very probably abandon the cart and purchase the product from competitors with faster and performing websites.
An e-commerce needs also a completely secure infrastructure with high scalability. Indeed, not managed traffic peaks can generate expensive downtime and, even a short one, drastically affect earnings and reputation of online retailers. Users also need to feel safe in order to buy online: assure privacy of sensitive data and protection from online threats is a crucial element.

The importance of Page Load Time
Page Load time is the time needed to download and view the entire content of a web page in the browser window (measured in seconds).
The Page Load Time directly affects the engagement of users with the increase of bounce rate and the business revenues with the decrease of conversion rate.

Only one second more in the page loading determines a loss of:

  • 11% of page views
  • 16% in terms of customer satisfaction
  • 7% of conversions

What affects page load time
There are many factors affecting Page Load Time. Indeed, the web page speed depends on the infrastructure which hosts the website and its optimization, as well as bandwidth capacity, web pages design, number, type and weight of elements on the page. Other factors include geographical location of users, device and type of browser used.

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We provide tailored High Availability Cloud solution for e-commerce websites, customized in base of traffic generated and type of platform used (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce etc…) and, through a preliminary consultancy and analysis, we design the best fitting technological solution for your e-commerce. Thanks to a high-flexible infrastructure completely redundant and use of technology enterprise, all of our solutions for e-commerce guarantee the service reliability, best performance and scalability of resources according to your needs.

Do you have an international target? With Content Delivery Network solutions you can increase your revenue by improving web performance globally, on any device and all around the world. Besides, with CDN you can always provide consumers with high quality multimedia contents and keep your business safe from data thefts and downtime.

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