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Cloud Company: 16-year experience in Managed services & Cloud Consulting

9:00AM – 6:00PM

Monday to Friday

Via Malta 36/15,

Turin, TO 10141

SALES: +39 011-19836863

Partners Program

Best in Class Technology

CriticalCase partners are companies and businesses or organizations with mutual objectives, they collaborate and build partnerships based on trust and hardworking. Thanks to us you will be able to create the right solution for your business. We grant you the best rates and a superior performance than our competitors.

Criticalcase partners program allow you to access both innovative services and solutions and a support team that is always prompt and available for you. If you choose to collaborate with us and to become our partner you will be given the following advantages:


6 DataCenter

H24 assistance

Customize SLA

Business training

White-label solutions

Flexible payment terms

FREE test environment

We deal with any type of business and organizations, we help small and big businesses to capitalize and use at best the technological innovations along with all the benefits of the Cloud Computing. For instance, our collaboration program is ideal for:

System Integrator

Web Agency

Software House

IT consultancy companies

Technological Resellers

Services providers

Becoming CriticalCase partner is an excellent way to improve the services you offer and to increase the solutions you have. It will be a collaboration able to grow your business easily and faster. It will inprove your supply capacity. You will have the experience and the technological means able to meet and fully satisfy any requirement and need.

Choose us as partner of your business


Our collaboration program is ideal for:
– System Integrator
– Hosting companies
– Cloud services providers
– Web Agency
– Provider
– IT consulting companies
– Technology solutions resellers
– Software House

Joining the program you will have the possibility of selling all our services and you will have the access to a wide specialistic competence pool, deriving from our over 16 years of expertise in the ICT field.

Becoming our partner you will have many advantages at your disposal:
– High quality services and advanced solutions for your customers
– Discounts and customized pricing
– Favourable and delayed payment conditions
– Direct business assistance with a dedicated account
– Free business and technical training on services and solutions
– Customizable, clear and transparent SLA guarantees
– Best-in-class infrastructure with high-availability technology (99,98% uptime ensured)
– Technical assistance 24x7x365, with dedicated and certified staff
– Consulting and support on projects about infrastructure and complex IT solutions

Yes. White-label reselling allow our partners to increase their business preserving their brand independence and their customer loyalty. White-label reselling offer is ideal for companies as system integrator, web developers, application developers and value-added resellers, thanks to the large range of services offered and their loyal clients.

We take care of our clients and the dedicated assistance is our distinguishing mark. Our goal is to put our customers business first, following any project with a customized care plan and offering a complete and proactive support.

Yu can access to our program just filling out the request form below or calling our telephone number +39 One of our dedicated sales agent will call you back and will show you how the program works in details. You can also discuss with us about terms and conditions of the partnership and we will find togheter a way to satisfy your requirements.

Partner Program
Partner Program

Join the partners program

Do you want to join our exclusive partners program?

Fill out the form below and you will be contacted by our business staff who will give you any additional information and will show you how the program works in details.

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