CriticalCase, in the field of business continuity management, deals actively with the Disaster Recovery concerning IT services and technological infrastructures of the company. Disaster Recovery services are supplied through 6 European Datacenter connected with very low latency with the best-in-class technology and infrastructure, guaranteeing the maximum reliability and an uptime which can put us at the top of the market.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

Our technical skills, together with 16 years of expertise, allow us to solve any issue and to face any disaster situation, included blackout, virus, logical and hacker attacks, theft and damage, hardware or software system failure (server, network devices or services), fire, flood, collapse, earthquake or other natural disasters.

Our Disaster Recovery Plan can be highly customized and it is specifically designed to integrate into every business continuity plan.


Disaster Recovery Benefits:

  • Consulting approach: our solution can be customized at 100% and it can be easily equalized with the current business continuity strategy.
  • Total coverage: we have 6 European Datacenter to offer different disaster recovery options.
  • Separated connectivity: our Datacenter have various networking operators which are able to offer a complete network redundancy and different routing options.
  • Sole Vendor: we can give you support for every business aspect and requirement, with the same process and the high security standards in each one of our Datacenter.
  • Ethernet direct connectivity: our Ethernet network is able to connect all our datacenter directly with your machines and devices without difficulties.

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