Among business solutions we offer complete migration services, which can help companies to fulfill all the needs and requirements of migrations.

Migration services

Migration services

All our migration engineers are aware that migration applications and migration services require a clear and detailed planning in order to reset the risks of service disruption and ensure security and data protection. Thanks to the competence and expertise of the engineers and designers present in CriticalCase, we can deal with every type of migration: from simple websites to Cloud applications, from e-mail systems to heterogeneous storage systems and databases. We can even help with the migration of entire servers, complex physical and virtual infrastructures.

Our experienced team can ensure controlled and safe migration no matter what the environment and the location or the workloads are. This can happen from any place to any type of server, anywhere, from any type of provider, web host, Cloud or web server.

We can provide migration services for:

Microsoft Exchange migration
Microsoft SharePoint migration
Active Directory migration
WordPress migration

Server migration
Prestashop migration
VPS migration
MySQL Db migration

SAP Business One migration
Microsoft Dynamics migration
Joomla migration
Interaction CRM migration

Cloud Hosting migration
Magento migration
Web Hosting migration
Cloud Server migration

App migration
Mail Server migration
Datacenter migration
Storage migration

Oracle Db migration
Microsoft SQL Server migration
Drupal migration
SAP HANA Services migration

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