Our monitoring services represent an ideal choice, an indispensable service to all those companies that found their major source of revenue and production in the online businesses.

Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services

CriticalCase monitoring solutions are advanced and highly scalable. The main objective is to prevent problems or malfunctions that may affect a service or compromise an entire infrastructure. We can guarantee a global control thanks to a high monitoring solution, built by our intern team of developers and system engineers. What we offer includes not only the detection of the websites performance, applications and internet services (DNS, URL, SSL, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP, and API), but also the mail server monitoring, Synthetic monitoring, Performance monitor, Cloud monitoring, databases and networks. We can do it even simultaneously, from multiple zones and for providers or suppliers other than CriticalCase.

Our monitoring services include:

Cloud monitoring
Website monitoring
Synthetic monitoring

Virtual Server monitoring
VMware monitoring
Network monitoring

Performance monitor
Ftp monitoring
Mobile APPs monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring
Mail Server monitoring
Database server monitoring

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High Availability
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Top Performance
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