Our  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solution provides a remote desktop solution improving users productivity, guarateeing more control and reducing costs for companies and public administration.

The innovations of networking and online business , always more oriented to Cloud Computing, together with our technological high-tech desktop virtualization solutions, allows to review the outdated ideas concerning working space and rewrite its guidelines.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Our VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution can remove barriers concerning means, place and time, providing virtual desktop which allows to work freely with any device all around the world.

A specific VDI service for the whole desktop environment, a virtualization platform which manages and contains safely: an operating system, applications and data. Our VDI rely on strong security policies to provide better enviroment insulation which allows our customers to work with the necessary power and security according to their requirements.


VDI Advantages:

  • No malware or virus
  • No change required for virtual applications
  • No risk connected to users irregular application
  • No need to update each single machine or device

VDI Benefits:

  • Costs and expenses optimization: the united management extraordinarily reduces computer organizational and IT company environment burdens.
  • Easy and modulated: the infrastructure can be activated and implemented (both on-site and in Cloud) in a few hours and it is possible to install and set up servers very quickly.
  • Storage always optimized: the services are shared and single different virtual desktop are not necessary.
  • Optimized virtual Ram: performances required are always lower than a classical workstation.
  • Productivity improvement: users access to their desktop by every computer, laptop or thin client available.

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