Cloud Data Center removes the limits of any other Cloud Solution in the market at present. When you choose CriticalCase Cloud Data Center service, you can set up and put together the whole infrastructure, creating and marking it according to your online business requirements, with Cloud Datacenter, you are the Cloud!

Cloud Data center

Cloud Data center

Our Cloud Data Center solutions provide the best technological resources to reduce the costs and cut the expenses, they are faster and flexible, with an incredible quality/price ratio. The best Cloud Data Center (both for Private and Public Cloud infrastructures) for your business to create Cloud Server – virtual machines – and firewall, workload arrangement and balance, virtual machines import and export, snapshots making and independent resorces management, through the use of best-in-class products in the virtualization field such as: VMware, RedHat Openstack and Microsoft Hyper-V.

high availability
High Availability
top performance
Top Performance
Support H24

Features and Benefits

Redundant Infrastructure
Dedicated and Private VLAN
NFS Fault Tolerant Files

Load Balancers
Monitoring & Log Analyzer
24/7/365 Support

Block Storage Replication
Caching and Acceleration Engine
Instant Scaling

CriticalCase Cloud Data Center are supplied through 6 European Datacenter connected with very low latency, solutions built for websites with millions of visitors per month. Cloud Data Center designed for professional customers (Web Agency, Online Gaming, Ad Technology, Web & Mobile APPs, etc…), IT-related companies which are able to manage their Cloud Data Center Infrastructure.

Cloud Data Center configurations are fully customizable according to your specific business requirements and all the solutions are also available as Managed or Fully Managed plans to make your life easier.


16GB – 264GB of RAM


1TB – 10TB of Traffic


250GB – 99TB of Storage


1 – 48 Core

Sample Cloud Data Center Configurations

Sample Cloud Data Center Configuration A
The entry level Cloud Data Center is great for a high traffic web-site with up to 1 million visitors per month.

Features: 1 x Load Balancer, 3 x Web Servers, 1 x Database Server, 1 x File Server, 1 x Caching Server, 1 x Private Switch, 1 x Backup Server.

cloud data center

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Sample Cloud Data Center Configuration B
The superior level Cloud Data Center provides additional features, including fully redundant web servers, databases, load balancers, file servers, a private switch and a dedicated backup server.

Features: 2 x Load Balancers, 6 x Web Servers, 2 x Database Servers, 2 x File Servers, 2 x Caching Servers, 1 x Private Switch, 1 x Backup Server.

virtual data center

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