CriticalCase’s Virtual Data Center or Virtual Datacenter is a service that allows its customers to create and manage servers, architectures and virtual networks in complete freedom with endless possibilities of expansion or reduction in an absolutely dynamic and simple environment.

Virtual Data Center

Virtual Data Center

A Virtual Data Center provides a set of computational resources, networks and exclusive storages without the need to face up costs and management problems that are involved in the set up of a physical data center, giving customers, at the same time, complete indipendence in control and management of their virtual infrastructure.

CriticalCase’s Virtual Data Center solution was conceived and designed for enterprise and business customers who need guaranteed resources and has already good skills managing their infrastructure. It is a unique offer on the market, result of years of research and experience on Italian and European territory. Thanks to CriticalCase’s know-how and a team of experts that is constantly working to improve the performance and reliability of the systems, this solution combines the best of Data Centers, Dedicated Servers and Cloud. CriticalCase also offers Hybrid Virtual Data Center solutions when a fully virtual migration is not possible. Our experts offer their experience to design each time the best suited solution for a specific need of the customer. If a part of the services can’t be virtualized, CriticalCase can always find a way to integrate the customer’s physical data center with its Virtual Data Center.

high availability
High Availability
top performance
Top Performance
Support H24

Features and Benefits

Redundant Infrastructure
Dedicated and Private VLAN
NFS Fault Tolerant Files

Load Balancers
Monitoring & Log Analyzer
24/7/365 Support

Block Storage Replication
Caching and Acceleration Engine
Instant Scaling

This solution allows customers to choose in total freedom what type of storage is best suited to each specific server. Compellent, EqualLogic, 3Par are among the possible choices customers have from time to time to host their virtual server, giving them the opportunity to choose depending on the amount of I/Os required. It will always be possible to migrate a server at a later time without disruption of the service! From SAS up to SSD technology, all different storage solutions offered are redundant and provide snapshots in case of emergency. CriticalCase’s Virtual Data Center uses VMware Enterprise Plus to manage its infrastructure cloud, but the team also manages OpenStack and HyperV solutions on specific projects. Here are some of the features that a Virtual Data Center provides:

CriticalCase Virtual Data Center are supplied through Six European Datacenter connected with very low latency, solutions built for websites with millions of visitors per month. Software-Defined Data Center designed for professional customers (Web Agency, Online Gaming, Ad Technology, Web & Mobile APPs, etc…), IT-related companies which are able to manage their Virtual Data Center Infrastructure.

Virtual Data Center configurations are fully customizable according to your specific business requirements and all the solutions are also available as Managed or Fully Managed plans to make your life easier.


16GB – 264GB of RAM


1TB – 10TB of Traffic


250GB – 99TB of Storage


1 – 48 Core

Sample VDC Configurations

Sample VDC Configuration A
The entry level Virtual Data Center is great for a high traffic web-site with up to 1 million visitors per month.

Features: 1 x Load Balancer, 3 x Web Servers, 1 x Database Server, 1 x File Server, 1 x Caching Server, 1 x Private Switch, 1 x Backup Server.

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Sample VDC Configuration B
The superior level Virtual Data Center provides additional features, including fully redundant web servers, databases, load balancers, file servers, a private switch and a dedicated backup server.

Features: 2 x Load Balancers, 6 x Web Servers, 2 x Database Servers, 2 x File Servers, 2 x Caching Servers, 1 x Private Switch, 1 x Backup Server.

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Virtual Data Center

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