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We know how difficult and how expensive is starting a new project, for this reason we would help ad support technological startups, by offering them what we do best: the Cloud. We provide you the cloud infrastructure, best-in-class technology and our expertise, you just have to dedicate yourself to develop your project with passion and commitment.

Our company offers Cloud infrastructure and services for free to innovative technological startups.

Use Enterprise Cloud
Up to € 10K of bonus
Focus on your business
No cost of accession

Because our offer is unique on the market, result of years of development and experience into Italian and European territory. Thanks to a team of specialists who work constantly to improve the performance and the availability of our services, we are able to provide to all the selected startups up to 10.000 euros of free Cloud bonus, to be used within 12 months in our infrastructure.

Besides, at the end of 12 months, the successful startups will receive assistance, consulting and payment facilities to renew the partnership and grow their business even faster.


Modalities of eligibility are very simple and anyone can propose their project, even if we prefer technological and innovative startups, with a core-business closely connected to the use of web-based technologies.

Your startup needs to comply with the following requirements to access the selection:
legal office in Europe;
less than 36 months;
technological and innovative field


To request the accession you just have to fill out the form below. After receiving your application, our experts will contact you and evaluate with you the suitability of your project and the possibility to access to our Cloud solutions.

Criticalcase assure the analysis and evaluation of any startup which comply with minimum requirements of eligibility mentioned above.

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