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Customer Furla

Industry Fashion, E-Commerce

The Need
Enhance digital performance and ensure an impeccable user experience globally. The necessity to distribute e-commerce content quickly and uniformly worldwide.

The Challenge
Overcome delivery challenges in China, notoriously complex due to the Great Firewall of China, and ensure a seamless browsing experience for Furla’s discerning customers.

The Solutions
• Akamai for global delivery
• Specific CDN for delivery in China
• Akamai Connected Cloud (Computing)
• SASE Architecture with CATO Networks


Explore in detail how we addressed Furla’s complex needs, guiding them towards a complete digital transformation. Our integrated solution involved leveraging Akamai for Global Delivery, ensuring optimal performance worldwide through an advanced CDN.
We successfully tackled the unique challenges of delivery in China by introducing a specific CDN, effectively bypassing the Great Firewall of China. Additionally, with the implementation of Akamai Connected Cloud, we enhanced Furla’s cloud services and computing, ensuring a cutting-edge technological foundation.
Our SASE architecture with Cato Networks provided secure and flexible connectivity, adapting to Furla’s dynamic requirements.
Download the full case study to discover how we shaped Furla’s global digital transformation.

Download the complete Case History


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