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The cloud dedicated to your business.

We design and build a Private cloud area on your needs, with the highest availability and security.

Private cloud solution provides the client with a high-flexible and scalable infrastructure and the exclusive access to the system, ensuring a pool of resources, storage and applications dedicated to the individual company. The private cloud service is studied for enterprise-level companies, that need guaranteed performance and resources in complete security, thanks to the provision of the service in High Availability (HA).

Private Cloud is the ideal solution for companies that need also to assure the security and privacy of sensitive data and that desire a greater control on their own infrastructure: the customer is free to manage cloud resources with total independence and, in case of a lack of dedicated staff or expertise, he can trust our managed services for the complete governance of the infrastructural architecture.

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Private Cloud provides many benefits and is different from Public Cloud service for some specific features related to the infrastructure.

Greater security and privacy

Compared to Public Cloud, Private Cloud solution offers a higher level of security due to the access to the infrastructure limited solely to the single organization. This way, the privacy of data and customers is ensured at maximum levels. Private Cloud is the best solution for enterprises which treat sensitive data and need a greater privacy for their operations.

Customization and independence

The access is limited to a single company, so the Cloud architecture can be configured and managed with complete independence, and resources can be customized by IT managers according to their particular requirements. But a higher autonomy implies an in-house technical expertise, or alternatively, the choice of a Fully Managed Private Cloud.

Compliance with regulations

Some companies of particular type or industry have the obligation to keep data in their in-house IT infrastructure, for instance sanitary facilities or enterprises in the financial sector. Thanks to the Private Cloud service, these companies can have the chance to use advanced technological Cloud solution while maintaining the compliance with regulations.

Higher control on data

Private Cloud provides a higher control on your own system and data because of the limited access to the infrastructure inside the business perimeter. That kind of control is not achieved using Public Clouds, where the access to the system is shared by multiple users.

Optimization of resources

Private Cloud enables a greater allocation of resources, by ensuring that they are properly distributed among the different business functions. This way you can optimize the environment and minimize the investment, by reducing not only costs but also air emissions.


Private Cloud allows to support specific workloads, like applications which request minimal and predictable latency or the transferring of large amounts of data. That makes Private Cloud great for organizations that have particular workloads needs.

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Yes, you can create accounts and assign them to clients, in order to make them independent in the management of their Private Cloud.

Yes, you can instantiate virtual switches and create Vlan to design complex networking architectures.

Yes, you can define combinations of virtual machines (virtual appliance) with firewall, monitoring, load balancer, email, vpn roles etc.

Yes, you can create snapshots.

Yes, you can create new virtual machines, change their size and power entirely autonomously.

Our assistance service offers 24x7x365 technical support with 7 people at your disposal. Among our specialists there are senior certified for Cisco and VMware technologies and Microsoft, Linux, Oracle, Veeam and OpenStack experts.

We offer the possibility of customizing the Service Level Agreement, adapting it according to the needs of your business, with a dedicated and exclusively measured by performances solution.

We guarantee the full compatibility and support to software and tools that allow you to configure and manage the infrastructure in IaC modality: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, CloudFormation e Terraform.

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