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Edge Computing is characterized by a decentralized and distributed IT infrastructure, made up of smaller data processing centers, the so-called micro data centers, located in proximity of the user and dedicated to the provision of short-range Internet services. It is therefore an architectural model opposite to Cloud Computing, which has led instead to the development of large “centralized” Data Center structures, hundreds of kilometers away from the user.

With Edge Computing, distances are significantly shortened and such proximity reduces latency, which enables real-time responses and bandwidth savings due to the ability to process critical data locally, in close proximity to the user, sending pre-processed information back to the data center.

 The primary use cases are those related to the IoT world and to applications and sites with users distributed around the world.

With regards to IoT, smart devices are less suited to the conventional Cloud model and often face reliability, latency and bandwidth issues. Edge Computing is the winning solution as it brings data processing close to where it is collected, eliminating even minimal latency present with Cloud Computing and always ensuring real-time responses.

For high-traffic sites, which are subject to periodic peaks due to the high number of users, Edge Computing can be particularly effective because content is processed close to the user, ensuring very high performance and unprecedented site speed.

Thanks to a consolidated experience and a specialized and constantly updated know how, Criticalcase is able to offer its customers a full spectrum approach in Edge Computing & Automation: from the implementation of Hybrid Multi Cloud architectures, to the use of high levels of automation in DevOps and Continuous Operation.

 To strengthen the customer support, Criticalcase provides the traditional guarantee of a personalized, continuous and highly qualified assistance service.

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