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Criticalcase PaaS is a new type of Cloud Hosting offered by Criticalcase that, thanks to the integration of the PaaS (Platform as a Service) model and the CaaS (Container as a Service) one, offers the maximum scalability of virtualized resources, ensuring any kind of service: from simple cloud applications to sophisticated business applications.

With Criticalcase PaaS you can work on the platform taking advantage of all the benefits of Docker container technology and it is available both in consumption mode, with pay-per-use pricing, and in preconfigured package mode, charged on a monthly fee basis. 

Use it also for the advantages:


Criticalcase PaaS is compatible with PHP, Java, Ruby, Node.js, Python and Docker and it combines the flexibility of IaaS infrastructures with the advantages of a PaaS architecture.


A PaaS solution allows you to use only the resources required in the case of applications that do not constantly need the power of Cloud or physical servers.

Ease of use

Criticalcase PaaS allows you to autonomously build complex infrastructures in high availability. In just a few clicks you can install applications, add load balancers, servers, memory or additional processors.


Enterprise data is secured with the best certifications of resilience and infrastructure quality as required by the ANSI/TIA 942-B-2017 standard.

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