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Reliability, performance, security and scalability. These are the characteristics that determine the success of an e-commerce site.

Users expect high performance both in terms of navigation speed and security, in terms of protection of sensitive data, violations, credential stuffing and abuse.

A completely secure and highly scalable infrastructure is essential for an e-commerce, capable of handling periodic traffic peaks (e.g. during sales, Blackfriday, Cybermonday…) without generating downtime or disruptions that, even if brief, dramatically affect earnings and reputation.

The 3-Second Rule 

Experts agree that the optimal page load time should not exceed 3 seconds. Statistics reveal that a one-second delay in page load time produces an 11% loss in page views, 16% from a customer satisfaction standpoint and, most importantly, a 7% loss in conversions. In addition, more than half of users (51%) do not complete a purchase if the site is too slow and one consumer out of two abandons the site if loading time exceeds 3 seconds.

Why you should rely on Criticalcase 

Criticalcase offers High Reliability (HA) Cloud solutions optimized for e-commerce, customized according to the traffic generated and the type of platform used (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, proprietary platforms, etc.). Moreover, through a preliminary analysis and consulting phase, it designs technological solutions tailored to the needs and goals of the specific e-commerce.

Thanks to enterprise technology and to a highly flexible and fully redundant infrastructure, all Criticalcase solutions for e-commerce sites guarantee total reliability of the service, better performance and high scalability of resources according to contingent needs.

Criticalcase is the ideal technology partner for e-commerce with an international target. Solutions such as the Content Delivery Network, fast and intelligent DNS deployed on the Edge and 24 hours monitoring of users on the site in real time allow you to increase revenue and improve web performance globally and on any device anywhere in the world. CDN solutions also allow e-commerce players to continuously deliver high-quality media content to consumers and to provide additional protection from data theft or downtime.

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