Criticalcase infrastructure

Criticalcase provides its services through 7 different Tier III Datacenters distributed across Italy and Europe

Criticalcase Datacenters are Tier IV, ISO 27001 and 9001 certified, with 99.99% SLA.

Criticalcase is Autonomous System (AS48815), so it guarantees total flexibility of management and assignment of IP classes. Our partners’ European IP network is MPLS/IP, entirely proprietary, managed and engineered independently, based on low-latency transport technologies Ethernet – DWDM, redundant between 6 International PoP (Turin, Milan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and London) that make up a fiber optic ring of over 6,000 kilometers.

European Enterprise Facilities

Each Criticalcase Datacenter has redundant carriers to provide maximum robustness and the best routes possible. The choice of first class carriers allows us to ensure very low and highly competitive national and international network latencies. Inside the Datacenters each rack has a dual power supply, a backup system made by both UPS and diesel generators to ensure service continuity service at 99.99%.

Our numbers:

Container Architecture

Criticalcase offer also includes container architectures with market-leading Docker and Kubernetes technologies: from customized consulting, to the implementation of tailored solutions for each customer.

In addition to the development and implementation of tailored infrastructures at its Datacenters, Criticalcase also offers assistance to Customers using Kubernetes on third party servers (AWS or GCE).

Cloud architecture

Thanks to the deep integration between infrastructure and application logic, Criticalcase offers a unique service in Europe designed with a Cloud perspective and using the state of the art technology.

Criticalcase has chosen hardware and networking solutions from Cisco, Dell technology for computing and Compellent, 3Par and Equallogic systems for the storage architecture.

At Hypervisor level the technology partners are VMware and OpenStack, with which Criticalcase has developed a simple and efficient pay-per-use solution. This solution allows the customer to receive, immediately, all the power he needs, paying only for the resources actually used.

The computational part of the Cloud is realized with servers equipped with latest generation processors and it is able to address huge volumes of RAM. The internal networking relies on switches and network cards of 40 Gbit and 10 Gbit redundant. Each node has 8 10Gbit network cards that manage independently internet connectivity, management network, the network dedicated to the Hypervisor and iSCSI network. The infrastructure is totally at 10gbit+10gbit, which is configured at 9000mtu for internal connectivity (data, iSCSI or backup) and able to reach 40gbit+40gbit on request.


Technological partners

The reliability benefits from Criticalcase

Flat bandwidth

unlimited 1Gbit bandwidth to the internet and 10gbit transport between datacenters


latest generation and market-leading equipment


da attacchi DDoS volumetrici
from volumetric DDoS attacks up to 1Tbps


and technical support 24/7/365

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