As the term suggests, it refers to the use of multiple Clouds. The environments are orchestrated and interconnected, provided by different vendors and used for different purposes. Adopting a multicloud strategy can be useful to meet special corporate needs. The user can choose in a more or less automatic way which single environment he wants to use to perform a particular operation, according to the Cloud parameters needed. For instance, a business department may need the typical collaboration of Cloud to share documents and files, while another division may need high performance for big data analysis. Both need the Cloud, but a different kind.

Benefits of Multicloud:

The main benefits are flexibility, saving and no vendor lock-in. Indeed, the multicloud meets the demands of flexibility and workloads management. It allows to save money choosing cheaper solutions in base of the single task and avoid the vendor lock-in, one of the greater issue for CTOs when they have to select a Cloud strategy.

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