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Choose Akamai CDN and offer the best digital experiences worldwide

Akamai is a corporation specialized in the provision of high-level digital experience. Because of the largest Cloud delivery platform in the world is the leader in Content Delivery Network Services and is able to speed up the web experiences of customers and make them safer and more reliable, by ensuring the users satisfaction globally.

Akamai CDN offers advanced solutions about web performance, mobile performance, Cloud security and media delivery to increase competitive benefits and revenues of your clients. With 95 exabyte of data offered to billions of devices in a year, Akamai CDN enables firms to optimize the digital user experiences on any device, everywhere and at any time.

As Akamai partner, we provide a wide range of solutions focused on web performance, media delivery and Cloud security with a 24x7x365 monitoring and customer service.

We are the Italian partner of Akamai, world leader in Content Delivery Network services.

CRITICALCASE offers extremely scalable, secure and performing enterprise solutions, created specifically to host complex applications, mission-critical websites and large e-commerce sites. Our solutions are tailored and optimized for each single project and involve all the main aspects able to affect significantly the website performances and the e-commerce stability. Today, thanks to the partnership with Akamai, world leader of Content Delivery Network services, we commit ourselves to offer to our customers a faster, more reliable and safer CDN for any device, anywhere in the world. Akamai CDN is the largest Content Delivery Network worldwide:

  • 2700 pop worldwide

  • more than 233.000 server

  • more than 130 countries

  • more than 1.600 networks

TOP Performance
H24 monitoring
SLA 99,9998%

Some benefits of AKAMAI CDN and CRITICALCASE services

PERFORMING INFRASTRUCTURE: reduce costs and increase business revenues with a best-in-class infrastructure. Our solutions are optimized for the specific requirements of our customers and ensure maximum performances. In addition, with managed services you can entrust the system management to our experts and focus on your core business.

AKAMAI CDN SOLUTIONS: accelerate websites to increase business opportunities and provide high-level performances on any device, anywhere. Thanks to the Content Delivery Network your business has no boundaries and you can guarantee high-availability and quality contents throughout the world.

IMAGE OPTIMIZATION: Size matters! Large pictures slow down the web page loading, by affecting negatively user experience and ranking. With our optimized and dedicated solutions you can deliver multimedia contents of the highest quality without overloading the website structure.

In addition, as official Akamai partner we ensure you:

  • Facilitation payments
  • Certified experts
  • Configuration assistance
  • H24 technical support
  • 30/60 days billing
  • Dedicated discounts
  • Contractual flexibility
  • Business consulting
  • Extended payment
  • A point of reference in the territory

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SLA 99,9998%
SLA 99.99%

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