CDN & Multi CDN Strategies

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Delivering content in the most optimal way means guaranteeing security, quality and transmission speed to the greatest number of users, wherever they are. In other words, this is the purpose of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Enterprise Content Delivery Network, a highly distributed server platform that, by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user, decreases latency, i.e. the delay between the time a request is made on a web page and the time it completes loading on the device in use. In addition to website delivery, CDNs are also able to distribute an ever-expanding range of content such as device-optimized videos and images, online games, operating system updates, software and app downloads, audio streams and much more.

Criticalcase CDN and multi-CDN services

Criticalcase offers CDN or multi-CDN tailor-made strategies, customized according to the specific objectives of each customer, by combining the maximization of performance and minimization of costs. Criticalcase’s main partner is Akamai, a world leader in the provision of Content Delivery Network solutions that boasts the most extensive network infrastructure in the world. Criticalcase also relies on other CDN vendors according to customer needs.

Why should you choose a MULTI-CDN strategy instead of a single CDN?

  • A multi-CDN strategy helps reduce latency and costs, improve performance by routing real-time traffic to the CDN provider that delivers the best cost/performance ratio. 
  • A multi-CDN strategy provides a consistent level of performance wherever users are located: from China to the United States, from Asian Pacific to emerging markets.
  • CDN vendors provide different levels of service based on geography, with some countries performing better than others and offering different functionality. Criticalcase helps direct user requests to the best performing content source in order to ensure optimal performance.

Multi-CDN Criticalcase Service Features:

  • CDNs are selected according to the speed for each individual user. If there are multiple providers in a region, we will choose the fastest.
  • If a CDN provider network has a service disruption, we will route traffic through another CDN to ensure 100% uptime.
  • Easy access to a huge amount of CDN locations (impossible with just one CDN provider).
  • CDN data centers can handle many more requests than a single server, reducing the load on the main enterprise server.



Global scalability of web sites and applications without enlarging the IT load balancing infrastructure


High-performance experiences across websites, mobile devices, and apps


Increased online user conversions and engagement

Better positioning

Higher performance and a top-notch UX are crucial factors. Higher speed and engagement result in better website ranking, higher in search engine results

Increased speed

Faster page loading and reduced latency

High availability

Content continues to be accessible to end users even under critical conditions such as excessive traffic, intermittent spikes or server outages

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