Criticalcase announces a strategic partnership with Virtuozzo!

Criticalcase is a Group that has been operating since 1999 as a Cloud Services Provider providing highly customized Managed solutions.

Through in-depth consultancy, Criticalcase analyzes the needs of individual businesses and designs a tailor-made solution for each company, capable of guaranteeing the best performance, increasing business productivity, and optimizing IT costs.

Criticalcase-PaaS’s use of Virtuozzo DevOps PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) is designed to accommodate developers and companies that want to focus on development and pay attention to the application layer without worrying about the ensuing network and infrastructure layers, as it combines the advantages of PaaS services and those of CaaS (Container as a Service) on a single platform hosted in Criticalcase’s Data Centers.

This combination guarantees maximum security, scalability and flexibility for websites, e-commerce projects and web applications.

soluzioni managed

Criticalcase PaaS enables high availability, supports Docker container technology and offers high pricing flexibility in combination with our support” says Criticalcase CEO Luca Nunno. “The main objective of Criticalcase is to fully satisfy the needs of our customers, which will happen with excellent results thanks to this successful partnership

Additionally, Criticalcase-PaaS‘s allows developers to:

  • specify both static and dynamic resources (RAM and CPU)
  • distribute traffic evenly among multiple physical servers
  • determine autoscaling based on the needs of the moment.

The platform supports most programming languages ​​such as, Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, .NET, Python , SQL and NoSQL databases and other types of software, as well as Docker: Criticalcase PaaS has it all what it needs to offer a complete stack for quick installation.

Criticalcase-PaaS‘s is hosted on our DataCenter with no Single Point of Failure (SPOF). The entire infrastructure is completely redundant and connected to the Internet with various high-capacity TLC providers.

Containers are isolated, load balancing is automatic, and our support is available for blocking issues H24 7/7 to ensure the highest possible availability with an SLA of 99.98%.

To try out the platform functionality register at

To find out more, we recommend that you view our Online Webinar and contact us for more information!

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