The term Cloud Computing refers to a particular kind of information technology which takes advantage of internet network to archive, elaborate and transmit data, application and resources.
Cloud solutions can be very different, from the simple data storage, to the creation of an entire virtual data center. According to the resources virtualized and the services required, you can design different architectures, from the simplest to the most complex.

Public Cloud is a type of Cloud Computing supplied by an external provider, which makes available to the company resources, storage and application through internet network. Public Cloud has a competitive price because reduces drastically all the costs about IT infrastructure maintenance, physical places in which allocate hardware resources and specialized staff for the management. It is a solution capable to offer excellent performance and high scalability and, being flexible by nature, is right for companies of any size.

Private Cloud is a type of Cloud computing in which the infrastructure is dedicated to an individual company that has the exclusive access, while in public Cloud resources are shared by multiple users. In this way, private Cloud ensures a greater control on the infrastructure and the maximum security in terms of data privacy.

Virtual Data Center(VDC) is a service that enables to virtualize the IT infrastructure resources of a company, ensuring high-level performance and a great reduction of costs. RAM, storage and applications are provided through the network, removing the need of purchasing, manage and maintain the physical infrastructure. The VDC guarantees high scalability and flexibility and the complete freedom in the infrastructure creation, which can be designed according to the specific business requirements.

Cloud hosting is a web hosting service with flexible features, totally adjustable to the particular needs of each client and of its business traffic and able to assure the highest performance. Cloud hosting is the ideal high-scalability solution for website and web project with dynamic and interactive contents and it provides high availability and customizable SLA based on performance.

Cloud server is a Cloud computing solution that provides virtual pre-configured environments, able to ensure several benefits compared to the traditional service. Cloud server is sized according to each specific business need and it guarantees an expandable bandwidth to cover any possible requirement and optional High-Availability (HA) virtualization. Cloud server service is characterized by extreme flexibility and is very easy to set up and use.

Cloud desktop is a technology that enables to access remotely to the desktop environment from any device or place, using the potential of virtualization. Indeed, Cloud desktop removes barriers concerning devices, place and time, providing virtual desktop that allows working freely with any device all around the world. That solution has several benefits compared to the traditional desktop model, including better security, mobility and productivity.

Cloud backup is a data backup service that takes advantage of the cloud infrastructure and enables to set automated online backups. Cloud backup guarantees the complete data security, to which the user can access anytime using a reserved account. It is a very favorable solution because is a pay-as-you-go service which has no space limits. Moreover, cloud backups can be programmed according to your choosing and requirements, setting also the frequency of each saving.

Cloud database (DB) is a database that uses Cloud computing paradigm and it is provided as a service, in an effective and functional way. The cloud database is a solution that ensures a high availability of data and high-level of scalability. It is able to increase analytical performance and reach new levels of functionality, security and optimization, with the aim of providing the maximum performance.

Cloud Object Storage is a service able to collect, memorize and archive any volume of data, safely and easily. It is the ideal service to archive large quantities of unstructured data (images, audio and video files..) and for applications that require high scalability and flexibility, but it can also be used to import existing databases for analysis, backup or archive. Data is stored in more copies, ensuring the maximum safety and the highest performance.

Our company gives the possibility of entrusting the full or partial management of the service to our Cloud experts. In particular, we offer the hosting management, the server management and the infrastructure management.
The “Fully managed” formula includes the complete management of the service by our specialists, so that the client can focus on his business, leaving all the concerns behind. The “Managed” formula refers to a partial management of the service, according to the specific needs and requirements of the company. Finally, it’s possible to purchase a service and choose the “self-provisioning” formula, which means that the customer has the total access to the service and he can manage it in complete autonomy. For each solution, regardless of the type of management chosen, we offer an assistance and support service, available 24/7/365 for any request.

Monitoring services have the aim to prevent issues and possible malfunctioning that could invalidate a system, from the website to the entire infrastructure. Monitoring solutions are various and customizable according to the requirements of the client.

Disaster recovery (DR) is the set of technological and logistical measures to restore systems, data and infrastructures in case of damage or incidents. Disaster Recovery is strictly linked to the Business Continuity process and it ensures the continuity of business operations.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of content distribution composed of a computer and server network deployed in multiple data centers, used to distribute files and data around all around the world. The purpose of CDN is to optimize the distribution of contents ensuring high availability and performance and avoiding that too much requests could adversely affect the servers’ power.

Security solutions include all the technological measures with the aim of protecting your company from cyber-attacks. Through advanced security solutions and proper monitoring system, it’s possible to prevent the attacks and know possible attempts in real time. Several security solutions are available, in addition to the possibility of making an insurance cover against cyber-attacks.

The colocation (or Housing) service is addressed to companies that need to use their own hardware but want to benefit of high-level performance and the latest technology. Through the colocation service corporate servers shall be inserted in reliable and technologically advanced Data Centers where is ensured a good infrastructural management. The colocation is the ideal solution for companies who need to administrate mission-critical applications and it enables a reduction of infrastructure and management costs.

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