Infrastructure as a Service


Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS

With a IaaS solution (Infrastructure as a Service) customers rent space in a virtual data center from a provider and they access it via the Internet. This type of Cloud computing provides the basic elements and clients only pay for the resources they actually use. These resources usually include at least CPU cores, RAM, Hard Disk or Storage space, Virtual Network Switches, vLANs and IP addresses. The users are then able to create servers and networks and tie them together forming architectures. A IaaS vendor provides its users with the hardware and the provisioning software that allow them to work as if they owned a physical datacenter. The IaaS provider takes responsibility for the hardware and performs all the maintenance to ensure the servers run correctly.
The main benefits of IaaS:

  • Reduction of costs
  • Pay-per-use
  • Scalability of resources
  • Easy and autonomous management
  • Saving time

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