Despite the increasing adoption of Cloud services by firms, IT experts still have concerns about the security of Cloud. 2018 Cloud Security Report by Palo Alto Networks (a leading company of cybersecurity), highlights the spread of that feeling among IT specialists. According to the research, 9 out of 10 professionals declared to be worried about Cloud security, 11% more than the previous year.

Throught that study, Palo Alto managed to identify some popular myths about Cloud security, which contribute to feed false beliefs on the topic. So here we are: 6 Cloud security myths debunked for you!

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1. Public Cloud is not safe!
Often managers or security experts don’t understand the concept of shared responsibility typical of Cloud. Cloud migration is seen like a loss of control and there’s no awareness on which are the real types of security offered by Public Cloud. The fact is that Cloud providers invested a lot on their data centers security and are equipped with the latest technologies on the market.

2. Cloud is not the right choice for security, compliance and privacy reasons
How many times have you heard a businessman say something like that? The truth is that mostly you find out that these companies already have data and applications on the Cloud. For instance, CRM solutions such as salesforce.com, or applications such as Microsoft Office 365 or other SaaS solutions, they are all based on the Cloud. It is clear that it’s time to get over this myth.

3. Getting compliance is more difficult with Cloud
One of Cloud Computing benefits is just a greater simplicity to get compliance and data control. Indeed, providers of Cloud services have more tools and methods to measure and check processes. That makes easy to manage data compliance and privacy, which is more complicated when you use a private LAN.

4. The management of Cloud security is like the on-premise one
Here’s another myth that needs to be debunked. Security is easier to manage with Cloud infrastructure than with on-premise environments. With Cloud systems you get high-scalabiity and fast updates. You can’t say the same for on-premise systems.

5. Everything is displayed on internet
We refer again to the myth according to which the data in the Cloud become public and accessible to everyone. Nothing could be more wrong. Probably the word “public” associated to the Cloud creates misunderstandings; well, in this case public means that anyone could use it but companies can choose exactly what they want to host in the Cloud. In addition, providers have different options available to ensure the level of control desired, for instance a Private Cloud. So the exposure level of business data and applications is entirely up to the organization and to the kind of set up and management chosen.

6. You need a new team to manage Cloud security
In the Cloud Security Report 2018, the respondents say that the main obstacle to Cloud migration is the staff expertise and training (56% of answers). The mistake is considering the security staff who worked until now with on-premise infrastructures and physical data centers not able to work in the same way with the Cloud. On the contrary, the right direction is supporting the current staff and building expertise within the company.

Cloud brings innovation and several benefits to organizations, including cost optimization, greater efficiency and scalability, and can’t be put to one side because of false reasons. Also the security is a key issue which can’t be ignored, in fact you need to consider its importance and get informed about the possibilities offered by the Cloud.

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