Do you know how to engage your clients?

We promised you 30 advices to increase your e-commerce conversions and we will not disappoint you! Today we’ll see a crucial aspect of the strategy, able to define the success of yuor online shop: the engagement.
What are the right modalities to engage your clients on the web?
How can you convince them to buy on your e-commerce and not on competitors’ platforms?

There are many variables to keep in mind and they affect the consumer behaviour at different levels.


You can act both on the rational and the emotional side of the user, trying to give him/her the most rich and complete information, taking care of the elements position, texts and graphics on the web page, trying to transmit security and reliability and at the same time engaging the consumer emotionally using psychological concepts as scarcity and urgency.
Here’s the checklist with the 13 ways to stimulate the users’ interest and engage them, making them stay on your website and complete the purchase.


Exciting discount offers

Coupon codes


Loyalty program

Free trials

Down-selling, up-selling & cross-selling

Use scarcity principle

Recommend popular related products

Add reassurance copy

Display credibility

Replace blocks of text with bullet points

Feature high-revenue products above fold

Offer auto-complete suggestions in product search

Have you checked if all these elements are present on your website? What are you waiting for to integrate them?

We wait for you the next week with the last post to complete the list of 30 ways to increase e-commerce conversions, with final tips to raise your online business, so don’t miss it!

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