Key factors in the selection of the best provider for your business

Once you decide to use the housing service for your company, for the several benefits that are offered by this solution (we saw them in the last post), you should consider some basic features to choose the best provider. For this purpose you need to examine a few factors, first of all the housing provider’s reputation.

Make sure to do all the researches about the provider before trusting it with your resources, your IT functions and especially your data. It’s neither simple nor obvious to find a provider which is capable to furnish a long-term available and continuous service.

Housing Services
Housing Services

You should verify that it has a good reputation and that it can be guarantee the quality of services provided: rely on the wrong society can be a very expensive mistake for your business. Other significant factors for your choice:

– Availability and flexibility: it is very important that the provider can ensure a high-available service and that the infrastructure is wide flexible, to guarantee quality performance and satisfy each client’s requirements.

– Security: the data center must be equipped with all the safety measures to best protect the data of clients (security staff, backup services, ability to fight external attacks like Ddos…)

– Powering and cooling: any available housing system should provide the sufficient energy to satisfy easily the companies needs, through complete and safe air conditioning systems.

-Prices: there’s no a standard price for housing, but you have to be careful about all the variables which affect the final price (for instance, any “hidden costs” as migration or set-up fee), and don’t forget to compare the different providers about the amount of energy, the bandwidth and other features of the service offered.

– SLA and contracts: usually the housing solution foresees a fixed-term contract. The part about SLA (Service-Level-Agreement) is significant: it’s about parameters that the provider is committed to ensure and, just in case of failure, it has to pay a penalty. SLA refer to standards as the service availability and the recovery time, and they represent a key factors in the choice of the best provider.

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