Do you want to increase your e-commerce conversion rate?

In the last post we saw how to increase the e-shop performance to face Christmas purchases ¬†from the infrastructure and technical perspective. Today, instead, we’ll see in details all of the advices to improve sales, analyzing various aspects, from the website usability, to the graphics, to the contents.

We will give you 30 proven ideas to raise your e-commerce. In the following lines, the first 10 ways to optimize your landing-page: are you ready to become the first on the web?

E-commerce conversions
E-commerce conversions

In general, just updating the website design you can produce an increase of conversions by 33%. We want to get in-depth into the topic, identifyng specific elements that can be changed and improved to increase sales. The first macro-advice is: improve your landing-page quality. How? Here’s 10 ideas to optimize your landing-page, ready to be used!

1. Client reviews
People are easily influenced by the opinions of others, even if they are completely strangers. Include comments and reviews by consumers who have already purchased on your platform will generate a positive word-of-mouth and affect significantly conversions.
2. Responsive website
Nowadays, a responsive website, adaptable to different devices, is crucial, especially because of the increase of purchases via mobile, that will become the most used device to buy online. If you have not already done so, what are you waiting for to make your platform responsive?
3. Product presentation
Presentation of the catalogue products must be cured in the details. Each item needs a rich description, accompanied by a high-definition photo (bad quality images make users run away!) and if it’s possible also a video, the most attractive and engaging multimedia content of all.
4. Social sharing buttons
Consider of using smaller buttons because they’re less distracting and reserve them for the confirmation page following the sale, the best moment to encourage the viral sharing. Besides, refrain from using buttons with counters unless you are sure that you can get reasonable numbers!
5. Clear CTA
The Call To Action is a very important element, it must be clear and prominent: the consumer has to understand immediately what kind of action we want to get from him/her (a purchase, a website visit, an e-mail contact…). Put it in a visible point on the page and use a graphic layout different from the one used for the other elements.
6. Authenticity
Being credible is crucial on the web: authenticity and reliability are important brand values which affect a lot online conversions.
7. Protected purchase
Give always the possibility of making a secure payment, providing a guarantee, for istance the option of paying with a PayPal account.
8. Button colours
Colours have a psychological influence on users: choose what colour can be right to represent the values of your company, according to the business field and the emotions you want to elicit in the consumers. Test different colours and identify which ones have the best conversion rate.
9. Structured data
There’s no a direct relation with conversions, but structured data increases CTR (Click Through Rate).
10. Page speed
The page loading speed is important: if an e-commerce site making $1 million per day, a one second delay could potentially cost $2.5 million each year! Besides, a slow page load makes users abandon the websit more easily.

We described 10 ways to optimize the landing-page, but the advices to increase conversions are not finished here: keep following us and in the next articles you will discover how to improve engagement on your e-commerce!

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