What  trends will define 2017 in the cloud computing field ?

In a previous post we saw the e-commerce and online sales trends of 2017.
What are, instead, trends of cloud computing field, especially related to the IaaS service?
Let’s discover together the news about the cloud: here’s the first 5 trends of 2017!

1. Revenues continue to climb
The cloud market is continuing to expand: globally, it is estimated an annual growth of 22% and it is expected to hit $146 billion by 2017. A huge growth compared to $87 billion of 2015, and the market’s on its way to $236 billion by 2020.

Cloud Trends 2017
Cloud Trends 2017

2. Dawn of Cloud 2.0
Given the massive growth of the market, it’s predicted a new dawn for the cloud: the birth of Cloud 2.0 stage, moving from experimentation toward mass enterprise adoption. Percentages related to the business use of cloud computing validate it widely: data show that in 2018 more than 60% of companies will adopt a cloud model. Changes are not only related to the mass adoption of cloud infrastructures, but also to the new way of cloud, more distributed, specialized and trusted.

3. Machine learning
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the dominating trends of cloud vendors priorities. The three big of cloud – Google, Amazon and Microsoft- have already introduced relevant news in this field during 2016 and it is expected that this trend will continue to grow in 2017.

4. Serverless computing
A concept born in 2015, which gained traction in 2016 and now more and more: we are talking about the serverless computing, also named Function as a Service (FaaS). It is a new model that marks the cloud computing’s evolution, the idea of building applications that run without provisioning any infrastructure resources, enabling developers to focus on the creativity of coding and avoid concerns about infrastructure resources.

5. Containers
While machine learning and serverless computing have been popular in 2016, containers could be the real trend of the brand new year. It’s a new generation of cloud computing, deriving from virtualization, which introduces great benefits. Containers enable to pack apps and deploy them in any execution environment, with no worries about terms of executability.

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