What are 2017 trends to increase online conversions?

Are you curious about what will happen in the online sales field this year? There are many predictions on what will change and we will propose you the top 7 trends in the e-commerce sector.
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1. Digital payments
Already in 2016 more and more consumers started to use digital payment modalities to complete their online transactions. Types of payment as PayPal, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay will become increasingly used and it is predicted that the majority of users will be able to make purchases on online platforms using a digital wallet.

E-commerce trends 2017
E-commerce trends 2017

2. Fast delivery
Over the last few years, delivery schedules have drastically reduced and became much more precise. Nowadays, users expected to buy immediately, just with a click, and the most e-commerce retailers include the next-day delivery option. What will happen in 2017? Predictions indicate a further growth of the fast delivery service until the same-day delivery option, integrated with the use of drop off points.

3. E-commerce personalization
2017 will be the year of personalization. So, what’s new? The offer customization will not be only at the enterprise level, as it is now, but it will include even small businesses, that will increasingly use data analysis of user experience and online behavior to give personalized experience and engage clients.

4. Loyalty schemes
Retailers keep trying to achieve the best shopping experience, and the loyalty schemes become a crucial element for the online sales success. With the perspective of endless shopping possibilities and the 49% of users who would change platform for a special discount, the loyalty schemes look like the only key to keep clients on your own website. The real e-commerce winners will be the ones who capture information about their customers as they shop and use this information to offer highly personalized promotions and rewards, able to gratify them and to create a loyalty relationship with the brand.

5. More omni-channel
The issue facing many retailers today is channel fragmentation, with the direct result of a confused base client and a diluted brand image. In 2017 it is expected retailers take advantage of it as a catalyst to begin unifying their shopping channels, both online and offline, and experimenting with more innovative omni-channel technologies.

6. Mobile mobile mobile
The future of e-commerce is mobile, we already know it: in 2015 this trend became apparent, and it will continue to increase in the following years. So, how to march in step with progress? Through the creation of e-commerce sites able to make the shopping experience the most engaging and immersive one, not seeing the smartphone as a limitation but as the new shopping window.

7. Chatbots
The rise of mobile and artificial intelligence use is combined in chatbots, instant chats that help the consumer in the searching for products and guide him during the whole purchasing process. 2017 will be the year of chatbots, enriched with new features and increasingly influential on the online conversions.

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