How will be the data center of the future?

IDC, the popular analytics firm, has identified the technological trends that will distinguish data centers of the future. Since ten years ago, data centers’ world is going through an extraordinary transformation, influenced by advanced technologies such as Cloud and Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Data centers of tomorrow will be increasingly agile, distributed and automated infrastructures, capable to guarantee the services requested with superior performance and efficiency compared to traditional data centers. The paradigm shift comes in part from new business applications that request a different infrastructure management, in part from the need of keep supporting the legacy world.

data center futuro

There will be a sort of middle layer between core and edge: her’s where IDC places data centers of tomorrow. Traditional facilities must evolve according to the new logic of technology: proximity to users and to the Internet of Things is an essential aspect to approach and manage the ever-growing amount of data created every day. Now we will see the top technological trends of data center of the future according to the experts researches.

Turnaround in Data Centers facilities

There will be a radical change for what regards in-house data center facilities. Until now companies have been focusing on the development of big data centers, while with the digital transformation they will invest more and more on smaller centers, located at strategic points to better respond in terms of latency. IDC predicts that during the current year 25% of firms will abandon the consolidation of large data centers in favour of smaller and better placed buildings.

Edge Computing & smart gateway

Edge computing will be an essential element in data centers of the future, because it puts data close to users ad allows to use advanced technologies such as Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, that request superior computing power. In this connection, it must be emphasized the importance of IoT gateways, able to collect edge data and to connect them to other networks and data centers. IoT devices are a precious tool for the entire monitoring process and also as concerned the management of possible computing and storage problems. Data centers will become once again the point of reference for edge computing infrastructures, whic will send to dc the information collected in the first instance and will get back from dc the processed data, and must, moreover, provide data protection.

Increase of Data Vaulting strategies

IDC predict that in 2020 40% of firms will use a data vaulting strategy to manage the proliferation of information, by using intermediate data storage centers managed by colocators, without having to build new facilities. Companies can access to those sites through pay-per-use packages including space, connectivity, security and storage, where they can start processes to cleanup and manage the stored data. This way firms can exchange data among cloud data centers, data vault and edge sites.

Automation: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

What is described above means a greater fragmentation, which will bring to an increased use of advanced technologies to optimize the infrastructural management of data centers, data vault and edge networks. In particular, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will affect the operations bringing a superior level of automation which will ensure higher resilience and performance. IDC predicts that within 2022 50% of IT assets of business data centers will operate autonomously thanks to AI technology. A trend that will become more relevant in edge sites, where the human presence will be limited or even absent.

Consolidation of Multi-Cloud environments

Multi-cloud strategies will be further increased. That because from each Cloud environment shall be possible provide custom services according to the client’s needs. Only this way data centers of tomorrow can respond properly to the market demand by ensuring the flexibility and agility requested.

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