Multicloud or hybrid, that is the question.

We began the new year talking about the Cloud Computing trends for 2018 and the new tendencies in cybersecurity. Probably some of these concepts are not so clear, starting from the topic of today: multicloud and hybrid cloud. Two terms that have generated a lot of buzz in the IT field lately, but that have often been misunderstood by creating a lot of confusion about their specific meaning.

Multicloud is just another way to refer to hybrid Cloud? Are the two terms interchangeable?
The answer is no. Many use them as if they were identical, but it is wrong.


Multicloud and hybrid Cloud are two different solutions

A multicloud strategy can be an effective model to manage hybrid cloud but they are not the same. Although the two concepts are strictly connected, they have specific differences that we are going to see together now, trying to clear exhaustively any doubt about that issue.


As the term suggests, it refers to the use of multiple Clouds. The environments are orchestrated and interconnected, provided by different vendors and used for different purposes. Adopting a multicloud strategy can be useful to meet special corporate needs. The user can choose in a more or less automatic way which single environment he wants to use to perform a particular operation, according to the Cloud parameters needed. For instance, a business department may need the typical collaboration of Cloud to share documents and files, while another division may need high performance for big data analysis. Both need the Cloud, but a different kind. What are the multicloud strategy benefits? Mainly flexibility, saving and no vendor lock-in. Indeed, the multicloud meets the demands of flexibility and workloads management. It allows to save money choosing cheaper solutions in base of the single task and to avoid the vendor lock-in, one of the greater issue for CTOs when they have to select a Cloud strategy.

Hybrid Cloud

The main difference is that hybrid Cloud is a mix of private and public Clouds incorporated into a single Cloud environment. Hybrid technology enables to move from one environment to another easily, but with less control compared to multicloud strategy. To highlight more the differences between the two models, we can say that multicloud is an approach of Cloud implementation and management, instead hybrid Cloud refers more specifically to the underlying technology portfolio.

Which solution is better to choose? There’s no a right or wrong approach, it depends largely on the business IT needs. Reserve a free consulting with our experts and find the best solution for your business!

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