What should we expect about Cloud computing for the coming year?

The adoption of Cloud solutions by companies is now a standard, but this doesn’t mean that the Cloud world is static, actually it is not at all. This IT field is constantly growing and changing. In 2018 there will be different emerging tendencies: according to the experts, here’s the 8 top cloud computing trends for 2018.

1. Multicloud and open-source
In 2018 multicloud solutions will be increasingly used. The choice of using more providers and environments can have different reasons. Sometimes is simply for questions of procurement policy, because a few companies can’t afford to rely on a unique provider.

Cloud trends 2018

Other times solutions, costs and quality of the services offered are better from other vendors. To benefit of these and other advantages, open-source tools become crucial. Indeed, with a multicloud technology the open source is the only solution to avoid vendor lock-in to a specific Cloud environment.

2. From Cloud adoption to Cloud optimization
If first the question was using or not Cloud for my business, now is how I can optimize my Cloud infrastructure. The optimization involves many aspects: from architecture, to data, to security. In particular, the experts expect that just data optimization will be a matter of primary importance in the coming year.

3. Growth of hybrid Cloud
The infrastructures will expand to hybrid Cloud models. Different components, like availability and proximity of applications and services, will request hybrid Cloud environments. Corporate data and applications are increasingly divided on in-house platforms, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, IoT. In other words, Hybrid Cloud model will become a fact of life.

4. Containers, orchestration and microservices
The experts say that containers, microservices and orchestration will go mainstream soon. Containers and the trends related are hot topic still now. So we expect a great adoption of these kind of solution next year. In addition, orchestration tools as Kubernetes (read the previous article!) are very useful in hybrid environments, because they allow you moving easily containers and applications between the different environments.

5. AI and Cloud security
The Artificial Intelligence can be used for security purposes in many different ways, both in the Cloud or out of the Cloud. For IT infrastructures, security is a crucial component. The AI helps to make Cloud environments safer, by preventing and fighting cyber attacks which threat infrastructures and by giving a quick and reactive response compared to the traditional security systems.

6. Blockchain
Blockchain is a technology built to support bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and it can store large amounts of data using a network of computers instead of a single located server. Blockchain offers different features to support security, as data immutability and transparency and autonomy. Theoretically, this technology works with all online transactions of money, properties and goods and it has a great potential to support financial online transitions, from tax collection to money transfer, where banking can be difficult.

7. Data Virtualization
Data virtualization is a method of data management which allows applications to recover and manipulate data without knowing the technical details of them (as localization or format). It provides data in real time from many sources to multiple users. It is a model easy to understand, create and maintain. The main aim of data virtualization is to get the access from different sources through a single point, enabling users to access their applications easily. Recently, it has been integrated to the Cloud and it will be used more and more in 2018.

8. Enhanced internet quality and the rise of 5G
Just as the quantity of data generated and stored all over the world constantly grows, consumers expected better and faster internet connections. Many teams are working to increase the internet quality and soon we will be able to use the 5G network. A better network will bring higher expectations also for applications and services, which have to be increasingly responsive and fast.

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