The increase of hacker attacks in the last years made security solutions essential to protect your own business: what is going to happen in 2018?

The last time we saw which are the most popular trends about Cloud for 2018 (and we will see them better in the following weeks!), but now let’s talk about cyber security trends for the incoming year. The topic of security has been placing on the fore for some time: since the arrival of the digital era, cyber attacks are increasingly frequent and widespread all over the world. Advanced security solutions and a good deal of awareness can help companies to prevent risks and to protect them at best from threats. During 2018, we can see in particular three tendencies about cyber security.

Cyber security trends

1. Safe apps and source codes
Odds increase anytime a new app is released on the market, meaning constantly. It is estimated that about the 80% of heavy data breaches happened recently has been caused by apps vulnerabilities. In 2018, to fight these attacks, the DevSecOps concept (that we will explain better in the next articles) will be crucial. DevSecOps means Development, Security and Operations “all in one”. With this new approach you can make the environments safer, by working at the level of the whole life-cycle of the software. Indeed, a quality code is not immune to the cyber attacks. You need to include the security in each phase of the cycle, from the first stages until testing and deployment. Probably this year companies are going to see the new “ransom-app” attacks. By taking advantage of the app vulnerabilities, hacker will try to get control and get firms down on their knees. But using the DevSecOps approach the phenomenon of hacking can be fought efficiently, making the security an integral part of the software development cycle.

2. Digital trust at risk
Constant attacks put the consumers trust in companies to the test. The last data breaches made large amounts of personal information public; only in the USA attacks increased by 30% in the first semester of 2017. The majority of violations is caused by the loss or theft of security credentials. Solutions of identities and accesses management seem to be the best way to prevent this kind of issue and during the incoming year they will gain a key role.

3. Threats come also from the inside
To protect your business you must not look just outside. Actually many disastrous incidents take origin from mistakes of the internal staff who, for inexperience or lack of attention, open up the doors to hackers. This potential source of threat is an issue that will be more and more dangerous because of the access to sensitive data granted to the employees. It is a problem often underestimated, while using measures that enable a better control on the staff accesses is one of the way to remedy to poor security measures.

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