Criticalcase is Akamai Elite Partner,

the official Italian partner of Akamai

Get all the benefits of Akamai: Delivery, Security and Cloud Computing

Discover the unmatched Akamai solutions

Innovative solutions for security, Cloud Computing and content distribution that help you empower and protect your business.

Akamai Delivery

The most widespread and performing content distribution network in the world, for extraordinary digital experiences

Akamai Security

Protects your entire business ecosystem from threats, without slowing down: cloud, apps, APIs and users

Akamai Delivery:
Ensure a flawless digital experience wherever your users are

Akamai Delivery is the content delivery network that offers advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security, and media delivery solutions.

We work to support our customers’ online business, ensuring their users faster, more reliable, and secure digital experiences, wherever they are and whatever device they use.

We provide optimized solutions based on specific business needs, configuration assistance and 24/7 technical support with certified technicians.

With Akamai Delivery, deliver dynamic content flawlessly, even during peak demand.

Akamai Security:
never let your guard down, be ready to defend your systems and data

Strengthen your security processes and adopt best practices with Akamai Security solutions

Stop credential stuffing attacks, bots, and web fraud with smarter detection and mitigation.

Control access to corporate apps and the Internet from anywhere, without hindering your employees.

You are protected against DDoS attacks: Increase resilience against the most complex threats with multi-layered defense across the ecosystem.

Plus, with Akamai Guardicore Segmentation, you can quickly visualize and segment your resources across your data center, cloud, or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Deliver extraordinary digital experiences to your customers

Protect your business from threats without slowing down

Instant access to content

Better protection and security

High performance and quality

Flawless web experiences

App and API security

Zero Trust Security

Protection from fraud and abuse

Protection against DDoS attacks

Akamai Cloud Computing

The open-source nature, security, affordability, outstanding performance, and excellent support take Akamai Cloud Computing to the next level over traditional IaaS hyperscalers.

An example? Cost management on storage, processing and connectivity is easily calculated and scalable without surprises.

The solution is completely open and removes cloud lock-in and cancels extra costs.

It makes it easy for you to deploy, manage and scale your cloud applications with affordable and predictable pricing.

The fundamental elements of cloud infrastructure, such as security, networking, maintenance, and monitoring, are free and included with every plan.

Maximize all the benefits of Akamai Cloud Computing with the support of Criticalcase

Choosing the open Akamai Cloud Computing hyperscaler benefits you:

Predictable costs

Free services

Simplified cloud

Global infrastructure

Looking for an Akamai partner?

Rely on Criticalcase

Thanks to the experience and skills of Criticalcase you get all the benefits of Akamai Delivery, Security and Cloud Computing.

All with a high quality/price ratio.

Criticalcase supports you with complete support, specialized and tailor-made consultancy.

Criticalcase: a partner with what it takes. Here are our certifications:

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