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In the context of streaming video content, it is essential to be able to count on a technological infrastructure that meets the expectations of today's audience, thus guaranteeing high quality viewing experiences and fast access, on any device, wherever the user may be.

 In this highly competitive sector, players must equip themselves with reliable and secure platforms, able to guarantee flawless delivery even on a large scale, optimize costs and provide useful information on users to maximize performance.

Why you should choose Criticalcase Live and On-Demand Streaming Solutions

Criticalcase’s Live and On-Demand Video Streaming solutions offer near-zero latency and the necessary agility to easily deploy changes, to reduce time-to-market and to quickly adapt to the bandwidth available to each user, ensuring quality and reliability (for global, expected and unexpected audiences).

With Criticalcase, you can dynamically package content in real time, using the most appropriate protocol, whether that’ s HTTP live streaming for iOS and Android platforms or HTTP dynamic streaming for adaptive bitrate distribution on various platforms.

On top of that, there’s the added benefit of scalability, which allows you to expand resources in accordance with the number of users, managing growth only when you need it, without upfront concerns. In addition, Criticalcase’s Media Delivery and Fast Video Streaming products allow you to monitor the user experience 24/7/365 to gain valuable insights to improve the quality of navigation, while ensuring continuity and performance, regardless of the number, type and location of devices.

Benefits of Criticalcase Live and On-Demand Video Streaming Solutions

Criticalcase supports the customer in the management of the end-to-end video workflow and offers the following benefits:

1 | We accelerate content delivery and streaming on any device, while improving reliability and security, including defenses against DDoS attacks and other sophisticated threats.

2 | We dynamically transcode and package video streams into the formats and resolutions needed for multi-device and adaptive bitrate streaming.

3 | We help reduce the complexity associated with managing CDN video streaming with a pre-configured solution, managed 24/7/365.

4 | We offer the best CDN video streaming services directly to content owners.

5 | We help you deliver higher quality subscription content across multiple devices through multi-format HTTP video delivery.

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