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Customers, employees, partners and everyone else who connects to a company's website, web applications and APIs expect immediate, secure and reliable access, no matter where they are or what device they're using.

Why you should choose DNS solutions

The Domain Name System (DNS) converts plain-readable domain names into numeric IP addresses and it is a critical component in ensuring a superior and reliable web experience for site visitors and app users. In the event of a cyber attack, you run the risk of your site and apps becoming unreachable.

Therefore, a good DNS service is essential to ensure security and availability, not to mention the fact that relying solely on your own servers or a single provider increases vulnerability and, consequently, compromises your business.

Why you should choose Criticalcase High Performance DNS Service

Criticalcase relies on the largest providers available on the market, with server networks distributed around the world, to offer 24/7 availability, 100% SLA, reduced search times and to guarantee its customers the highest levels of performance.

The Anycast Criticalcase network is globally distributed in 28 countries, accelerates DNS resolution for users connecting to websites and applications wherever they are, offering the ultimate DNS response time and availability.

High Performance DNS is Criticalcase's service that routes DNS resolution to the Edge servers closest to users or their customers' business locations or to the nearest local data centers. High Performance DNS is designed to deliver high performance and uninterrupted DNS availability, even during the most massive DDoS attacks.

High Performance DNS benefits:

High Availability

Guaranteed 24/7 availability, thanks to our scalable, globally distributed server infrastructure.


Faster and more reliable resolution, thanks to the zone’s vertical mapping feature and thousands of servers worldwide.


Control costs, having pricing based on the number of areas, not demands.


Defense against DDoS attacks with the ability to maintain access and service availability for users.

Guaranteed performance

Improved DNS response by up to 75%.

Edge Security

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