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China is a crucial, tech-savvy, and highly innovative market, yet delivering excellent digital experiences can become a difficult challenge due to fragmented internet infrastructure, peering delays between local ISPs, significant regional complexities, strict regulatory requirements and the notorious Great Firewall of China.

China CDN Criticalcase Solutions

The China CDN solutions offered by Criticalcase, in partnership with the local CDNs Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, China Net Center and Akamai, provide excellent, secure and reliable digital experiences in the territory of mainland China, thanks to existing servers on Chinese territory and border areas.

Criticalcase, thanks to the deep knowledge of the Chinese market from the business and institutional requirements point of view, built in years of collaboration with local partners, is able to support its customers in the application process for the ICP license.

Benefits of our China CDN service:

A CDN in partnership with local ISPs contributes, through the reduction of the physical distance between the server and the user, to the decrease of latency, meaning the delay between the forwarding of a request on a web page and the completion of the loading of the page on the device in use, wherever it is located (both in metropolitan areas and in inland regions). Optimizing the built-in cache means increasing performance levels, by maximizing the quantity (and quality) of downloaded content.

Our China CDN services constantly analyze data in real time, automatically selecting the best route to ensure the fastest, most reliable delivery of static and dynamic content ever.

Our China CDN services automatically optimize TCP connections, increasing the amount of data transferred, keeping TCP connections open for longer and using them for more requests. It reduces the total number of round trips required to retrieve data in order to optimize web content delivery.

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