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The Colocation of a data center (or Housing) requires the rental of a space at an external data center or web farm, where the company physically transfers its machines instead of keeping them allocated in the company. This solution eliminates the need for an internal data center, which implies significant costs and the need for physical areas dedicated to this purpose. All operations can be performed either remotely or at the data center. 

With the housing service, the company saves on costs related to the infrastructure and its maintenance (allocation, connectivity, power supply, etc.. are managed by the provider), optimizes its spaces, resources management and dedicated bandwidth, while maintaining full control of its infrastructure, which remains its exclusive property and it is not shared with other users.
Housing is the best solution for companies that need to manage critical network applications that, if handled independently, would require very expensive infrastructures.

Housing is the best solution for companies that do not want expensive infrastructure.

Criticalcase Housing and Colocation services

Criticalcase Housing and Colocation services are provided and managed from our datacenters in Italy and Europe. We offer customized and hybrid solutions and the opportunity of integration within the virtual infrastructure Criticalcase, so that our customers can take advantage of all the services of a hosting provider. The installation allows them to have dedicated and direct connectivity to the Internet backbone, fire protection systems, UPS systems and generators, surveillance, technical support on-site 24/7/365 and additional levels of physical protection within the datacenter.


There are three types of Criticalcase Colocation services:

Single 85W



For companies that need extra space, high performance or a particularly high server density, it is possible to have whole racks, standard installation systems of hardware components that allow to contain servers, routers and switches in an orderly manner.

The racks are easily accessible, can accommodate the latest servers, offer maximum flexibility and, in case of upgrades or failures to be repaired, allow maintenance in total safety. This solution, similar to the shelf in its functionality, allows you to allocate devices that require more than the 13 rack units available inside the shelf. It is also possible to install shelves inside the rack to accommodate additional machines.

Some features of our RACKs:

• Cabinet Dimensions: L:60cm, D:100, H:42U;
• Security: Confined cabinet with security key;
• Power Supply: Double redundant;
• Power Supply Voltage: 2 x 220V;
• Power Supply Current: 2 x 16A;
• Bundled Base Power: 1500W

For customers who have special needs for privacy and security or have to meet particular requirements in these areas, Criticalcase offers the opportunity to transport the racks in the so-called cage, a special area delimited by a steel cage.

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