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Our technical support is
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In the era of Digital Transformation, Cloud migration represents the point of connection with the future, a fundamental step to ensure the continuity of services and business operational processes, but above all it is essential to protect and maintain your competitive advantage.

Why you should choose Cloud Migration

Choosing to migrate the traditional IT structure to the Cloud means significant cost savings from the creation, maintenance and daily management of a physical infrastructure; opting for remote delivery (online) also means having access to an infinite number of hardware and software resources, with highly scalable and customizable business models based on the actual usage (Pay-per-Use).

1 – Improve agility

The Cloud can improve agility by providing the scalability to increase resources as needed and reduce them when they are not necessary, allowing you to respond more quickly to market and customer demands and to manage costs efficiently.

2 – The Cloud reduces capital investment

The Cloud reduces capital investment because the majority of IT infrastructure costs are covered by the cloud service provider – from skilled IT staff to day-to-day maintenance. This allows internal resources to focus on higher value-added activities (from new app development to other strategic IT tasks). Finally, thanks to the Cloud’s pay-as-you-grow model, the Company pays only for what it actually uses, tying costs more effectively to needs. The Cloud can enable new remote workforces and it enables every employee to collaborate effectively, wherever they are. 

3 – The Cloud facilitates

The Cloud facilitates both the storage and transfer of large amounts of data, as well as the implementation of AI/ML technologies, improving performance and delivering a superior customer experience.

Why you should choose Criticalcase Cloud Migration

1 – Criticalcase Cloud solutions are secure

Criticalcase Cloud solutions are secure:  not only they offer a huge advantage of integrated security, but they also bring the experience of an established provider into the Company. Furthermore, Cloud security can be centralized and automated, mitigating risks of disruption, facilitating ongoing operations within a controlled and orchestrated environment and reducing cyber risks.

2 – A clear and secure planning

A clear and secure planning, without the risk of service interruption or data loss. Together with the customer, Criticalcase analyzes the specific needs and then develops the most coherent and effective Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud solution. Criticalcase specialists and migration engineers are able to replicate the current corporate IT structure, optimize it and manage the Cloud migration of any type of infrastructure with confidence, regardless of the environment and the workload: from web hosting to CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal, Joomla!), from e-commerce to applications (WeB & Mobile APPs), from email servers to heterogeneous storage systems and databases, up to the Cloud migration of dedicated servers, complex physical or hybrid infrastructures.

3 – A democratic technology

A democratic technology that, thanks to the customized approach and the 24 hours assistance of Criticalcase’s expert staff, also becomes tailor made. Criticalcase stands also as the only technology partner, since it offers to its customers services for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Cloud Migration benefits:

  • No initial investment;
  • No hardware purchase or replacement required;
  • No purchase of software licenses required;
  • No electrical expenses;
  • No connectivity expenses;
  • No operation and maintenance costs;
  • No training costs for IT staff;
  • No manpower costs for professionals (available 24 hours a day);
  • No infrastructure costs (cooling system, ventilation, ect). These costs are totally covered by the provider.
  • No service interruption;
  • No risk of data loss;
  • Redundant backups;
  • Monitoring and reporting.

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