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Security in the Datacenter and Cloud environment does not simply end with a cutting-edge technology solution, but requires a comprehensive and synergistic approach that impacts processes, people and the various ways they interact with technology to discover, prevent, and address potential threats.

Criticalcase, thanks to more than ten years of experience, to proprietary infrastructure and deep multi-industry know-how, is the single point of contact in Datacenter & Cloud security. It is able to protect the entire architecture (core, cloud and edge) to counter attacks and mitigate threats. Criticalcase ensures the security of content, data and applications in all data centers as well as third party cloud service providers, while maintaining governance and control, even for multi-cloud environments.

Criticalcase Group specializes in protecting against volumetric DDoS attacks, regardless of their complexity and ability to evolve during execution, including network-level DDoS attacks (such as UDP flood and SYN flood) and application-level DDoS attacks (such as HTTP GET flood and POST flood).


Large Scale protection

Enterprises can protect entire IP subnets and hundreds of applications including web and IP-based applications that include all supporting network and data center infrastructure (including associated bandwidth).

Short-Time mitigation

Our engineers’ proactive mitigation controls based on network traffic allow you to lock down the attack surface to mitigate most DDoS attacks immediately.

Global target

Dedicated global network

Criticalcase relies on Akamai’s network, which includes 8 Tbps of dedicated network bandwidth and 19 globally distributed scrubbing centers.

Criticalcase solutions are designed to interact with each other to provide integrated protection that includes users, devices, data and applications through the adoption of a comprehensive Zero Trust security architecture that ensures a user access limited to specific applications or network segments needed, as in the case of VPN tunnels.

Criticalcase offers a high-performance, identity-based, distributed cloud service to provide users with secure access to applications anytime, anywhere. In addition to data path protection, Criticalcase integrates single sign-on, identity access, application security and management visibility and control.

A single contact point for security and a single integrated service: this is the cloud architecture that closes all incoming firewall doors, providing only authenticated users with access to the necessary applications, not to the entire network. In addition, no user can directly access the applications, as they are not viewable either on the Internet or publicly.


  1. Reduced breaches – Ensure your users to have secure access to applications, without the need for network access
  2. Reduced cost and risk – Eliminate operational costs and risks associated with maintaining, patching VPNs and other appliance-based solutions for secure application access
  3. High Performance – Improve business performance while lowering costs by decommissioning Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and using Internet-based application access
  4. Multi Cloud Security – Criticalcase provides secure access to applications on AWS, Azure and Google Clouds, as well as web and SaaS applications, using a single portal

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