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From the single file to the entire Virtual Machine.

Criticalcase offers differentiated backup services to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness of resources use, with the ability to set the levels of detail (or synthesis) of the data collected according to actual needs, enhancing the economy of processing related to the analysis activity (granularity).

Criticalcase solutions

Criticalcase solutions allow you to make a copy of a Virtual Machine for a rapid import on another infrastructure, offer options for tailor-made scheduling and archiving and ensure full monitoring of the activity, with special alerts in case the saving process is not successful.

Software used by Criticalcase

To perform backups, Criticalcase uses the best software available on the market:

is a software that guarantees the constant operativity of the entire virtual machine (disks and configuration files), during the duplication. It also allows incremental backup of the modified data only, speeding up copying times. It is a self-managed backup solution that allows the customer to set up the backup and recover their data independently.

is an enterprise-grade software that provides distinct backup and Disaster Recovery services, depending on specific business needs; it allows companies to meet service levels, allows the recovery of any IT service, applications and data within minutes/seconds. With Veeam, backup is performed by Criticalcase.

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