Application & Network Security

Tailored security for your business in one easy-to-manage solution: make websites, applications and data centers more secure, reduce downtime risks and protect sensitive data.

Security is an ongoing challenge that is constantly being renewed as cyber attacks are on the rise, more advanced and increasingly targeted.

The Criticalcase platform offers proprietary rule sets and refined detection logic and it is the result of our experience and continued investment in defending against the latest generation of cyber attacks.

The Criticalcase solution offers: maximum application security over the edge; unparalleled visibility over attacks; updates against real-time traffic to keep false positives and negatives as low as possible; dedicated WAF protections that are accurate, flexible, integrated and able to respond to changing business requirements, such as APIs and cloud migration.

Criticalcase guarantees the highest level of security on the market, high scalability and customization. Criticalcase solutions are designed on the specific needs of each customer, they ensure high performance and an optimal user experience in the case of an attack and offer a qualified service and support 24/7/365.

Benefits of our Application & Network Security Services

Protection of revenue, customer loyalty and brand reputation
Maintain high performance standards
even under attack
Best-in-class solution
Continuous and qualified assistance
Cost reduction

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