Virtual Datacenter

Criticalcase bases its Cloud proposal on a multi data center infrastructure, implemented with the latest technology, with fault tolerant solutions and operation guarantees close to 100%.

Criticalcase Cloud Services


Our Cloud services are characterized by a high level of reliability and are designed as highly scalable solutions, able to respond to business needs in real time.


The added value of our offer is in building solutions tailored to the customer and its business objectives.


The Cloud Server is available with various operating systems (Linux and Windows) and it is configured and sized according to the customer’s specific needs.


One of the main advantages of the Criticalcase Cloud proposal is the significant savings in terms of IT costs, starting from the flat Datacenter bandwidth, in addition to the virtual resources availability with higher performances compared to traditional services.

The Criticalcase VDC service 

With Criticalcase Cloud Services you can build your solutions with absolute flexibility and scalability: total freedom of disk, memory and vCPU management, unlimited vLANs, no restrictions on the number of virtual machines, unlimited flat bandwidth at 1Gbit to the internet and 10gbit transport between DCs able to cover any needs.

Cloud services provide the customer with a direct access to the management interface, through VSphere with VMware release 6.7, so that he can operate autonomously with infinite possibilities of expansion and in an absolutely simple and dynamic way. Charging for services is offered on a monthly basis and is available in “pay-as-you-go” or “prepaid” mode.

  1. Create and assign users to the Customer, to make him autonomous in the VDC management;
  2. Instantiate virtual switches and create vlan to design complex network architectures;
  3. Define Virtual Machine (Virtual Appliance) aggregations with roles of firewall, monitoring, load balancer, mail, vpn etc;
  4. Create snapshots, new virtual machines, change their size and capacity in complete autonomy.

Public Cloud Services

The Public Cloud solution offered by Criticalcase guarantees maximum service reliability, thanks to unlimited resources and a fully redundant infrastructure.



Private Cloud Services

The Criticalcase Private Cloud service, not only provides a highly flexible and scalable infrastructure, but also allows access to the infrastructure system in an exclusive way, ensuring a pool of resources and storage pre-determined and prepaid, dedicated to the individual company. The service is designed for enterprise customers who need 100% guaranteed performance and resources, high reliability and total security.

Critical Case Benefits:




No limits


Flat bandwidth

Public or Private


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