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The path between the production of multimedia content and its actual use can be complex and often very expensive in terms of economic resources and time, with a negative impact on the user experience.

Why you should choose Criticalcase Image & Video Optimization service 

Criticalcase offers ad hoc solutions to optimize this process in each of its phases: from content production to distribution.

We work in partnership with Cloudinary, one of the best end-to-end solutions available on the market in the field of video and image management for websites and mobile apps: from upload, storage, editing, to optimization and delivery.

Our solutions are scalable and customized, they maximize your team's efforts by leveraging AI, automation and advanced processing tools to deliver excellent media content distribution to users based on a secure, reliable and high-performance CDN.

Image & Video Optimization Service benefits:

Performance Enhancement

Improved loading speed, appearance and functionality of optimized websites and apps for better search engine rankings and customer experience.


Ease of integration with any technology stack, creative editing tools, CMS, PIM, commerce solutions, CDN etc. API approach provides ease of use, reduces the risk of outages in any technology stack.

Enterprise-grade security

Access to services via secure HTTPS APIs, with flexible access controls, backups, signed URLs, multiple user roles, permissions and two-factor authentication.

Global scalability

Ease of loading new media assets and flexibility in managing the number of users from around the world, thanks to a technology infrastructure that supports over 28 billion media requests.

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