DDoS protection

Every day, nearly 3,000 websites suffer from DDoS attacks. The damage in terms of performance and, more importantly, loss of customers trust can last for several years. With a rapid increase in DDoS network attacks such as SYN Flood and DNS Amplification, an adequate mitigation capability is essential.

Why you should rely on Criticalcase

By working with leading technology partners, Criticalcase offers reliable solutions that leverage a global network of strategically placed servers to provide the ability to mitigate even multi-gigabit DDoS attacks. In addition to the smartest DDoS mitigation tools on the planet and an unparalleled monitoring apparatus, Criticalcase offers its customers hyper-qualified 24/7, 365 days a year, worldwide support..

Criticalcase’s DDoS mitigation can handle all types of DDoS attacks and, therefore, eliminate any threats before the company and its customers are aware of their presence. Both network-based attacks (e.g. Slowloris, ICMP or TCP and UDP flood) and application level attacks (e.g. GET Flood) don’t stand a chance against our security infrastructure, which requires very little time to configure.

DDoS protection benefits

Protect your business from volumetric DDoS attacks!

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