Application Performance Monitoring

Computer attacks, failures, slowdowns: to ensure the absolute continuity of the digital experience of your users is essential to implement advanced monitoring solutions adapted to your business needs.

Why you should choose the Application Performance Monitoring Criticalcase service

Criticalcase offers the best advanced monitoring solutions available on the market, fully customizable according to customer needs, regardless of the type, quantity and size of the areas to be monitored (applications, websites, entire infrastructures, user behavior in real time etc.).

We work with the best partners on the market, such as Catchpoint and Dynatrace, leaders in monitoring and performance management services. Dynatrace, in particular, has developed the first software that integrates all monitoring functionalities: from Real User Monitoring (RUM), Synthetic Monitoring, to infrastructure monitoring and application monitoring.

The goal of Criticalcase in Application Performance Monitoring is therefore twofold: on one hand it prevents possible problems and malfunctions, on the other hand it optimizes performance and constantly improves user engagement.

Benefits of Application Performance Monitoring Service

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